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Application Note: Use of Superstructures with the 3dbiosurfaces Textured Microarray

The utility of any microarray slides is increased by the addition of a multi-well superstructure that is affixed to the active surface of the microarray. The microarray surface is divided into separate sections wherein each section can be used for an assay without contaminating adjacent sections. With such structures in place it becomes possible to multiplex several assays in parallel.

A method has been developed that permits these superstructures to be used in conjunction with the 3dbiosurfaces Textured Microarray. The images show the basic components required.

The outer compression rails, the 16 well superstructure and the flexible rubber diaphragm were purchased from a 3rd Party Vendor. The adhesive gasket normally attached to the superstructure was removed and replaced by flexible rubber diaphragm.

Because the 3dbiosurfaces microarray is slightly flexible, a standard glass slide is added to the sandwich and used as a support backing to the 3dbiosurfaces slide. Its sole purpose is to act as a compression plate.

The assembly comprises

· 16 well superstructure

· Flexible rubber diaphragm (thickness 0.8mm)

· 3dbiosurfaces textured slide 

· Glass slide 

In assembling the sandwich, it is, of course important that textured side of the 3dbiosurfaces slide faces to the openings in both the rubber diaphragm and the superstructure wells

Once the sandwich is complete the two edge compression clips are snapped into place. The thickness of the flexible rubber diaphragm was selected to produce the required interfacial compression so as to prevent well to well leakage.

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New Product Announcement

Blocking Wash Solution for Use with Protein Antibody Assays

A Blocking Wash Solution for 3dbiosurfaces’ Textured Microarray Slides

3dbiosurfaces Technologies LLC (“3BIO”) announces the introduction of the 3DBIO Protein/Antibody Blocking Wash Solution (PABWash) that is specifically designed to complement its microarray slide (“3DBIO NC NS”). The Blocking Wash solution is highly effective at suppressing non-specific binding when the slide is being used in protein or antibody style assays.

The Protein/Antibody Blocking Wash Solution is applied directly after printing (and UV crosslinking per the published protocol) and replaces the normal washing step. Subsequent surface blocking post wash using BSA and other related large molecules is no longer necessary when using the PABWash.

The 3DBIO NC NS slide delivers many performance benefits to both oligomer (DNA, RNA and related materials) and protein/antibody assays. The 3DBIO NC NS slide is not coated with any linker style molecules and the both the material used in manufacturing the slide and the surface structures contribute to significantly improved binding of biomolecules.

The net result is that the 3DBIO NC NS slide delivers greatly increased signal intensity (from the surface texture), reduced backgrounds (from reduced non-specific binding), and more consistent performance at attractive pricing.

The Protein/Antibody Blocking Wash Solution is available on the 3dbiosurfaces website. The formulation is patent-pending.

For further information, contact

3dbiosurfaces Technologies LLC

6153 N Camp Abierto

Tucson AZ 85718

July 3rd2018


A Textured Microarray Substrate


The texture consists of micron-scale square wells. Within each well, there are nanoscale features that increase the available binding area

No Linker Chemistry


Printed biomolecules adhere directly to the  textured substrate. Linker coatings - such silanes - are not required microarrays proteomics biomarkers

More Uniform Drying


No Coffee Ring Effect. After printing, the liquid spot falls into many wells. Each well dries uniformly. 

More Uniform Spot Morphology


Upon contact, the liquid spot assumes a square shape. Signal can be seen from each well. 

Low Concentrations


The performance improves as the concentration of the analyte is reduced. The textured slides give signal when none can be seem from flat slides

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Antibodies and Proteins


The slides are especially effective with both antibodies and proteins

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Antibody Microarrays and Non-Specific Binding

Additional Information

The 3DBIO NC NS slide outperforms existing coated/nitrocellulose microarrays both in terms of absolute intensity but also in the ability to suppress high levels of background associated with non-specific binding of antibodies (and proteins) during the post print operations associated with washing and pre-binding processes.

The top image shows signal intensity after background subtraction. As with prior work with oligomer microarrays, the performance improves as the analyte becomes more dilute.

The lower image show a comparison of a 3DBIO NC NS slide with a commercially available epoxy coated slide. 

This improvement is due to a novel, and patent pending, washing process that prevents any non specific binding. The steps are listed in the 3dbiosurfaces protocols for proteins and antibodies.


Comparison with Epoxy Coated Microarrays using Oligomers

Additional Information

The 3dbio NC-NS microarray is unique in as much as there is no linker chemistry required on the surface of the microarray.

Additionally the target oligomer was not chemically modified - as is usually with existing coated microarrays. 

Both these features reduce the overall cost of testing. 

The chart shows the performance improvement over commercially available epoxy microarrays.

This improvement becomes larger as the concentration of the target analyte is reduced. This improved sensitivity is important when sample size is limited 


Technical Information

Process Protocols


There a two process protocols. One for oligomer and one for antibodies/proteins

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Terms and Conditions


The Terms and Conditions for the US and European Markets

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Licensing Information


US and Foreign patents protect 3dbiosurfaces products. Other patents are pending.

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Licensing Information

Us and Foreign Patents protect the products developed and sold by 3dbiosurfaces Technologies LLC> These patents prohibit the unauthorized manufacture, use or sales of our patented technologies. The sale of 3dbiosurfaces' products does not in any way convey or grant to a customer any license or right to make, have made or use the products or any additional products (whether or not identical to the products supplied by 3dbiosurfaces) coming within past or future patents and /or inventions owned, made or controlled by 3dbiosurfaces Technologies LLC

There are many third party patents granted on the use of microarrays in many applications. 3dbiosurfaces Technologies LLC is is not licensed under these third party patents. 

A license may be required from these third party patent holders.



Patent Portfolio

European Patent: High Surface Area Substrates for Microarrays and Methods to Make SameDownload
US Patent: High Surface Area Substrates for Microarrays and Methods to Make SameDownload

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